About us

The Technology

Innovative Eco-Care Pvt Ltd (IEC) was incorporated in 2006, with an objective to provide products & processes by In-House R&D for Ecological Care & Balance. The company is promoted & governed by qualified technical professionals.

At IEC, we are in to NPB Mixed Microbial Technology. NPB means Nature Power Balance. NPB is based on the principal of 'Natural Co-existence', where different species of gram +ve microbes are at work to balance the ecology. Its efficacy cannot be affected by varying environmental factors like temperature, pH, RH etc. It’s our endeavour to imitate the ‘Jungle Ecology’ through NPB Technology.

‘Jungle Ecology’ is the best example of a ‘Balanced Ecology’, where everything – leaf, twig, branch, flower, fruit, bark, root – decomposes by natural microbial strata and converts in to ‘Bio-Available Nutrition’. This Bio-available Nutrition is available around root zone throughout the year. Plant uses it’s intelligence to utilize it. Bio-Available Nutrition provides balanced vegetative& reproductive growth. At the same time, it provides immunity towards pest & disease. In a way, it is the best example of ‘Inclusive & Sustainable Development’.

Our suit of products ranges from GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe by WHO) microbe in liquid forms to edible grade non-toxic chemicals to enhance the efficacy of an ecology. Our majority of products are ‘Certified Organic Input’ by ‘ECOCERT’.

NPB Applications

  • Agriculture & Land Remediation:

    Microbial & Non-toxic edible inputs for yield & quality enhancement, control of pests && disease, enhanced Nutritional uptake, Soil conditioning, Soil pH balancing, utilization of soil & water bound salinity for growth etc. Our technology reduces input cost, increases yield & quality of produce. View Products

  • Waste Management:

    Any kind of waste - i.e. community or industrial – can be treated microbialy. Promotes organic recycling for energy generation, any waste can be utilized for biogas generation. Our composting process without segregation of non-biodegradable requires less than 4 weeks converting waste in to compost. Our composting process does not generate leachate. Our ‘Waste-To-Energy’ module has best of the economics in the industry for the processers & the end-users. View Products

  • Animal Husbandry:

    It can enhance milk quantity & milk fat in 3-4 days with ZERO economic / cost impact on the industry. At the same time, it enhances animal health, its life span and number of pregnancies. It considerably reduces Green House Gases (GHG) at NO ADDITIONAL COST. The return on investment for the end-user is 1 :2.5-3.0. View Products

  • Poultry:

    Reduces ammonia generation, enhances bird health & economics, at a nominal cost. It enhances ‘Bio-Security’ of the area & also boosts weight gain with improved ‘Feed Conversion Ratio’. View Products

  • Aquaculture:

    Improves Dissolved Oxygen (DO), enhances pro-biotic environment, and improves immunity against infections. It enhances ‘Bio-Security’ of the area & also boosts weight gain with improved ‘Feed Conversion Ratio’. View Products

Group Companies

Thermotech Systems Limited is one of the group companies engaged in thermal transfer & process equipment manufacturing. company’s expertise in heat transfer equipment equals with the best in the industry. It specialises in Boiler, Gasifier & heat producing equipments used for further Energy Generation by means of Power.

FlareTech manufactures specialized machineries of coating of paper, leather, plastics etc. It has developed Shredder & Briquette Press for waste management projects which are designed for specific industry like Agriculture, Waste, Plastic, etc.

Trinity-IEC Waste Management Pvt Ltd is incorporated as a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) for the waste management project operation in India. It is a joint venture between Innovative Eco-Care Pvt Ltd and Trinity Infra & Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd. This company will participate in government tenders for waste management project across India.

Unizone International, Panama has interests in different sustainable technologies. We reach out to various governments worldwide where there is a need for sustainable development.Unizone International integrates different Socio-Economic activities and creates a synergy to develop ‘Organic Economies’ for ‘Sustainable & Inclusive Developments’.

Health-2000, Canada Health 2000 Canada represents the marketing interest of the brand H2K ( Pharmaceuticals ) And H2K Agro ( Agriculture ) worldwide. Through our international network, we reach out to various clients worldwide where there is a need for sustainable development.The business model of the next 5-10 years will change and we hope that our efforts will lend our brands to opportunities which are sustainable and achievable in a very short period of time. The innovations we represent are based on cutting edge ‘Research and Development’.