One of our most fundamental needs is food – sufficient, nutritious, safe, and affordable. For 50 years or more, with a few notable and persistent exceptions, we have all benefited from the remarkable output and advances of our modern food system. Notwithstanding these accomplishments, our food production system is increasingly being stressed. Indeed, over the next few decades, demand for food is forecast by many to grow faster than supply.

Since 1960, the world’s population has more than doubled to 6.7 billion people, and we will have more company soon: an additional 2.5 billion over the next 15 years. Just as importantly, worldwide per capita caloric intake is also rising, particularly in the developing world, as are the consumption of meat, dairy, and fresh produce, which require far greater agricultural output per calorie consumed than other forms of food. Indeed, to keep up with demand, more food will have to be produced over the next fifty years than was produced over the last 10,000 years combined! Factor in the growing use of grains for bio-fuels and demand for agricultural production is forecast to rise 3.3% per year.

Our products, based on Natural Power Balanced (NPB) technology, combine advanced microbiology, new insights in soil chemistry and the accumulated wisdom of traditional farming practices, to improve crop yields and farm profitability, while reducing or altogether eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Our products are part of a reemerging biologics paradigm in the agriculture sector; a clear departure from the long-prevalent chemicals-based model. It is indeed possible have your share of bread or cake or biryani and eat it too!

What is Ecology ?

NPB Restores Ecology By:

Why & How NPB is different than other technologies?

Measurable & visible results of NPB Applications can be observed in less than 3 weeks time. Whether it’s decomposition of Organic matter, conversion of wasteland in to fertile land, balancing of soil pH, soil or air borne fungal attack or control of virus in some crops, it takes only 2-3 weeks time. Generally, all such problems cannot be addressed fully or effected crops cannot be recovered by conventional methods or it can be addressed in such a short time.

Any ecology can be balanced by inducing following actions:

  • pH balancing
  • Prebiotics availability
  • Probiotics applications
  • Bioavailability of nutrients
  • Essential organic acids, enzymes & metabolites

NPB technology creates a synergy with Natural Forces. First, it balance soil pH to thwart growth of gram negative microbe & at the same time, it provides Prebiotics & Probiotics to enhance local gram positive microbial colonies. Every ecology has its own microbial profile, based on the nutrient availability & environment. These local microbes are most capable of managing nutrient cycling. Nutrient cycling involves availability of macro & micro nutrition, availability of trace elements, dominance of Gram +ve microbes, presence of metabolites, natural enzymes & amino acids etc. NPB creates an environment, where local microbes get a lead to perform. Thus, preventing alien or foreign microbes to get activated and promoting an environment-friendly ecology. E.g. it promotes the growth of local azatobactor family microbe (generally, 8-12 strains are available) & fixes atmospheric nitrogen for crop growth.

Nitrogen (N) promotes vegetative growth, but when associated with Sulfur (S), it balances Vegetative Growth : Vegetative and Reproductive growth. In absence of such a balance, yield & nutrient values of produce get affected. NPB Technology ensures balancing of Vegetative Growth : Vegetative and Reproductive growth. At the same time, it also ensures bioavailability of nutrients (macro, micro & trace) along with metabolites, natural enzymes & amino acids etc to enhance immunity towards biotic & abiotic stress.

NPB’s revolutionary NPB Secondary Culture (NPB-SC) method makes it happen. SC multiplies NPB & gram+ve local microbial colonies up to 1000 times and dominates the local ecology with gram+ve colonies. Thus, suppressing the pest & other gram-ve colonies & enhances health of local ecology. This leads to sudden change in soil pH, increase in humus, decomposition of organic matter, production of natural enzymes & amino acids, bio-availability of minerals & nutrition etc. All such simultaneous activities bring in ‘Ecological Balance’ in less than 3 weeks time.

NPB could address following problems effectively, in near past.

  • Viral attacks in crops such as Papaya,Green Peppers,Tomatoes,water melons etc
  • Fungal attacks such as Aflatoxin in peanuts and Black Sigatoka in bananas and plantains.
  • Sucking pests including mites,aphids,whiteflies and others
  • Nematodes for root crops
  • Bacterial such as blight. IEC Group scientists is working on a protocol for Citrus Greening.
  • Poor and Saline soils challenges
  • Poor Yields
  • Poor product consistency in size
  • Providing a sustainable,cost effective and a revolutionary and visionary agriculture approach

High Quality Composting

  • Rapid breakdown and stability of organic matter ( 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Use of diverse feed stocks such as farm and harvest waste, food waste, animal manure.

Improving Soil Fertility

  • Adjust Soil pH Between 6.5-7.5.
  • Convert Soil Bound Organic Waste In To Micronutrients.
  • Reduces Salinity & Weeds.
  • Increases Porosity.
  • Controls Pest By Changing Environment

Seed Treatment

  • Increase in germination rate in excess of 90%.

Micronutrients Supply

  • Crop and soil specific micronutrients improve plant immunity and yield.

Salinity Control

  • Amino acids & Short chain fatty acids produced by NPB Technology chelate with salts. These chelated salts will be utilized for crop & local microbial growth, which increase porosity around root zone. Mineral part of salt can be utilized for the growth of microbial strata & microbial population, through mineralization.

Pest Management

  • Combination of foliar and irrigation treatments with microbial and phytochemicals-based treatments control the pathogen vectors and also neutralize the pathogens.

Compelling Economics

  • NPB Treatments on average cost up to 30% less than conventional chemicals-based inputs.
  • Save on water resources up to 40% and labor cost for de-weeding up to 50%
  • Consistent increase in crop yields

IEC (INNOVATIVE ECO-CARE PVT LTD) has a proprietary formulated product-line. Every product has been designed for specific field applications. As these products affect the local ecology, we took great care in designing, formulating and calculating the minimum quantity for the application.

Following are the details of the IEC Product Line and its ideology.


INNO-CARE is a special blend of beneficial microbes and precursors. CONTENTS: Lacto bacillussporogenes, Saccharomyces Cerevicae, carbohydrates, minerals, water.


  • Increases plant growth and yields.
  • Provides precursors that reactivate beneficial microbes in the soil and plant foliage.
  • Promotes rapid root development.
  • Balances soil pH and maintains it between 6.5 - 7.5.
  • Increases soil fertility by increasing nutrient availability to plants.
  • Improves soil structure and cation exchange capacity.
  • Facilitates rapid breakdown and stability of organic matter (2 – 3 weeks).
  • Boosts plants’ immune system and imparts abiotic stress tolerance.
  • Increases germination of seeds and growth of seedlings and transplanted crops.


SFOR BALANCING OF SOIL PH, BETTER PLANT NUTRITION AND INCREASED YIELDS. ACTIVATOR is a special blend of organic acids. It facilitates culturing of Inno-Care by “activating” the beneficial GRAS microbes and deterring gram negative microbes during the fermentation process, etc.

It makes all other products work better, especially Inno-care. It acts as a sticker, and is important to use to get 100% disease free fruits.


WHOLESOME is organic sulphur with natural minerals and other organic compounds for revitalization of the farm environment and other ecology.CONTENTS: Organic sulphur, minerals and water.


  • Is an excellent blossom booster. Flowers and fruits remain on plants even in rainy conditions.
  • Greatly increases fruit weight, including root crops.
  • Makes fertilizers more soluble and available, particularly phosphorus.
  • Regulates the uptake of nitrogen by the plant thus making them less attractive to insects and combining effectively with nitrogen to make amino acids (protein).
  • Changes plant physiology making it less attractive to insects and diseases.
  • Revitalization of ecology. Afflicted plants regain vigour and sustained growth and production results.
  • Adjusts soil pH and structure for better nutrition and crop immunity.
  • Has beneficial action on some soil microbes.
  • Converts soil bound organic waste into micronutrients


INNO-GRO: is a chelated mixture of micro-nutrients formulated specially to meet crops’ needs and to quickly correct deficiencies. CONTENTS: Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron.


  • Increases plant vigour and growth
  • Improves flowering and fruit set
  • High quality yields with uniform fruits
  • Improves plant immunity
  • Rapidly absorbed by plant and quickly correct deficiencies.


STRIKE is a powerful blend of natural products. It corrects and prevents disruptive factors that would affect plants. Plant growth is therefore enhanced and yields improved. CONTENTS: Neem oil (azadirectin), garlic (allium sativum), chilly pepper (capsicum), organic sulphur and water.


  • Changes plant odour so that it is not attractive to detrimental insects.
  • Improves quality and quantity of yields.
  • Boosts plant immunity.


seliminate – works on the principle of ‘Selective Elimination’. Farm Ecology is a combination of beneficial & harmful micro organism and insects. Even harmful species have an important role to play in balancing the local ecology. By applying poisonous chemicals, we eliminate harmful, as well as beneficial micro organism and imbalance the ecology.

Seliminatecontrols the harmful species and enhances the presence of beneficial species. Thus, controls damage to crop & supports plant vegetative & reproductive growth. It imparts ‘SystemicResistance’ for long term benefits.


  • Kills soft bodied insects & worms
  • Changes plant odour so that it is not attractive to detrimental insects.
  • Improves quality and quantity of yields.
  • Boosts plant immunity.


GROW-CARE Vegetable & Fruit production is an art of controlling harmful insects and enhancing beneficial microbe to impart systemic resistance. Managing nutrition uptake in judicious manner is also an important aspect in cultivation of cash crops.

GROW-CAREis designed to support nutrition uptake, control harmful microbe & deter harmful insect, provide vigour & growth of plants and fruits. GROW-CAREreduces time, efforts and expenses at farmer’s end. Also, it improves fruit yield and quality.


  • Increases plant vigour and growth
  • Improves flowering and fruit set
  • High quality yields with uniform fruits
  • Improves plant immunity
  • Rapidly absorbed by plant and quickly correct deficiencies.
  • Kills soft bodied insects & worms
  • Changes plant odour so that it is not attractive to detrimental insects.
  • Improves quality and quantity of yields.
  • Boosts plant immunity.


iSurge Modern agriculture is becoming more & more unviable. Nutrition in the form of chemical input improves presence in soil, but bio-availability remains questionable. Managing nutrition uptake in judicious manner is also an important aspect in cultivation.

iSurgeis designed to support nutrition uptake, provide vigour & growth of plants and fruits, enhance immunity and impart ‘Systemic Resistance’ (SR). SR helps to control harmful microbe & deter harmful insect, iSurgereduces time, efforts and expenses at farmer’s end. Also, it improves fruit yield and quality.


  • Increases plant vigour and growth
  • Improves flowering and fruit set
  • High quality yields with uniform fruits
  • Improves plant immunity
  • Rapidly absorbed by plant and quickly correct deficiencies.
  • Enhances root promotions
  • Boosts reproductive cycle by providing plant maturity


D’Nemo is a blend of AllylIsothiocyanate and Azadirectin in water soluble form. Our proprietary formulation allows AllylIsothiocyanate and Azadirectin in gaseous phase, which is most effective as a nematicide. It is also effective in promoting farmer friendly nematode for nutritional movement and nutritional bio-availability in the soil.

Additionally, D’Nemo is equally effective in controlling microbial pathogen. It is a sustainable solution for horticulture, vegetable & cash crops for controlling pest & Nematode.

Note: For better results, use D’Nemo (7) with our ‘GROW-CARE’ (36)

Contents: Water, Organic Acids, AllylIsothiocyanate and Azadirectin


Sustainable agriculture is possible, if one can balance Vegetative Growth & Reproductive Growth. For a balance growth, one needs to provide judicious quantities of Macro &Micro Nutrients. At the same time, farmer also needs to manage timely irrigation, weed management, cutting/pruning etc for optimum yields. But, harsh environmental changes overpower the efforts of farmers and restrict farmers’ income.

i-Boostis a blend of essential and trace organic acids to improve utilization of nutrients by crop. It provides an energy booster to plants metabolism for better flower index & fruit retention.

Contents: Organic Acids, Water, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid

iPOP (Innovative Package of Practices)

From 3-4 leaves after germination. Repeat every month To provide best micro-environment, enhance nutritional bio-availability, protect from pest & disease Prepare NPB Secondary Culture by mixing INNO CARE Liquid Culture (250 ml), with Activator / Inno-Gro / iSurge, Jaggery/molasses 4 kg. Administer the formulation 30% as a foliar & 70% with irrigation once in two months. 3 - 4
From Second Month - Monthly Treatment OR as Needed To enhance growth and to protec from Pest & disease Mix GROW-CARE (300 ml) and water (100L). Administer the formulation as a foliar once in a month. 3 - 4
After flowering stage - fortnightly Treatment To enhance metabolic activities, to balance Vegetative Growth & Reproductive Growth Mix iSurge (250 ml) , iBoost (250 ml) and water (200L). Administer the formulation 30% as a foliar & 70% with irrigation. 4 – 6
STEP-1 will induce Re-Activation of LOCAL microbe and provide all macro & micro nutrients for the crop growth & yield. It will also utilize water and soil salinity for growth.
STEP-2 will protect crop from Pest & Disease and also provide boost to vegetative & reproductive growth.
STEP-3 Add 100 ml of 'AQUA CHILL' for saline water. Inorganic Salts will be chelated by organic acids for crop growth. Even drippers will be cleaned & will not allow to clogged due to salinity.


  • Bitter Gourd

  • Mango

  • Potato


  • Peanut

  • Papaya

  • Banana

  • Tobacco

  • Jatropha

  • Water Melon

  • Cummin

  • Sugarcane


  • Cotton

    Sucking pest, worm, miley bug, thrips


    Fruit Borer, Mites, Aphids


    Nemetode, Thrips

  • Papaya


  • Peanut

    Worm, Thrips, Mites, Aphids


    Fruit Fly, Thrips


    Red mite, Fruit Fly, Fruit Borer worm


  • Saline Agriculture


  • Cotton

    Bolls at lowest branch

  • Floriculture

    pH balancing, growth

  • Pomegranate & Guava

    Salinity utilization for growth