• Agriculture:  No Loss of Yields, Less Expenses, Better Resistance

  • Waste Management:  “0% Landfill Approach”

  • Animal & Poultry Nutrition:  Better Health, Longer Life, More Pregnancies...

  • Water Management:  Judicious usage, More Resources, Better Returns

Promoting Ecological Balance for reduced usage of resources for
‘Inclusive & Sustainable Economies..’

Who we are

Innovative Eco-Care Pvt Ltd (IEC) was incorporated in 2006, with an objective to provide products & processes by In-House R&D for Ecological Care & Balance. The company is promoted & governed by qualified technical professionals.

At IEC, we are in to NPB Mixed Microbial Technology. NPB means Nature Power Balance. NPB is based on the principal of 'Natural Co-existence', where different species of gram +ve microbes are at work to balance the ecology. Its efficacy cannot be affected by varying environmental factors like temperature, pH, RH etc. It’s our endeavour to imitate the ‘Jungle Ecology’ through NPB Technology.

‘Jungle Ecology’ is the best example of a ‘Balanced Ecology’, where everything – leaf, twig, branch, flower, fruit, bark, root – decomposes by natural microbial strata and converts in to ‘Bio-Available Nutrition’. Read More