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Other Definitive Quests of IEC

What Happens at IEC?

What Happens at IEC?

IEC was founded to address the alarming issues in various sectors of science and innovation. Since establishment in 2006, IEC has been steadfast to assimilate several branches of applied sciences and engineering with meticulous management practices to conform a definitive forte around eco-friendly systems to govern sustainable and improved routes for Production, Treatment and Processing.

Elements of Purpose

Elements of Purpose

Earth / Soil

Enhancing Microbial Profile to Rejuvenation of Wastelands


Sustainable Agriculture


Residue Free Farming, Enhancement Research in Medicinal Bio-active Compounds


Improving Milking Efficiency and Overall Gut Health


Municipal Solid Waste to Energy, Fire control at MSW dump sites Smoke, , Control of Ammonia, H2S and methane on Waste Management Sites

Surface / Ground Water

Saline water utilisation for agriculture, Treating Reviving Eutrophic water bodies, Sewage and Effluent Treatment, Improving soil water holding capacity


, Reducing Carbon Footprint of bio-masses and Resource utilization, Sanitary handling of Waste bio-masses



Innovative Eco-Care Pvt Ltd (IEC) was incorporated in 2006, with an objective of developing and reinventing its unique Technology. This technology is based on the gist of Forest Ecology where the equilibrium of the ecosystem is such that all the components are mutually dependent resources whose profound relationships and interactions constitute an exceedingly intricate framework of systems. Therefore our consortium of beneficial microbes, Biomass handling strategy and biomass degradation specific microbes, Engineering Technologies for Waste to Energy, agricultural nutrients and herbal extracts every application of ours will be directed to do one specific thing only - Reinstating the balance of Nature by ‘Inclusive & Sustainable Development’.

Green box note

Our suite of products ranges from GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe by WHO) microbe in liquid form to edible grade non-toxic chemicals to enhance the efficacy of an ecology.