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Innovative Eco-Care Pvt Ltd (IEC) was incorporated in 2006, with an objective to provide products & processes by In-House R&D for Ecological Care & Balance. The company is promoted & governed by qualified technical professionals.

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Total Products around 30
Signed CA-cum-PPA with the Government of Manipur for 60 TPD Waste-to-Energy Project
Filed IPR - Biological Control of Mosquito Breeding
Product Development - Poultry Nutrition Products - Renerzyme P. MetaFx, ProTion
- Filed IPR Application for Mixed MSW to Solid Fuel - Started Exports of Plant Nutrition Products to the Caribbean
Product Development - Plant Nutrition Products - i-Surge, Grow Care - Animal Nutrition Products - InnoGro+
Product Development - Botanical Extract based Plant Protection - UltraLac - Animal Health and Nutrition
Product Development - Plant Nutrition Products
Our 1st MSW Project
IEC was Incorporated - 2 Products for Soil Rejuvenation

What Happens at IEC?

What Happens at IEC?

IEC was founded to address the alarming issues in various sectors of science and innovation. Since establishment in 2006, IEC has been steadfast to assimilate several branches of applied sciences and engineering with meticulous management practices to conform a definitive forte around eco-friendly systems to govern sustainable and improved routes for Production, Treatment and Processing.

Through in-house R & D, Pilots and trials, IEC now has more than 25 products in its portfolio, along with proprietary industrial designs, process flows and component conduct procedures, which makes IEC potent to handle issues form Revitalising Eutrophic Lakes To Reviving Cattle’s Estrous Cycle To Residue Free Farming To Producing Highly Efficient Power Generation From Municipal Solid Waste.

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