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D’Nemo is IEC’s Proprietary blend of natural Allyl Isothiocynate (from mustard oil) and Azadirachtin (from neem extract) in a water soluble form.


D’Nemo is an Effective Deterrent of Nematodes (Repulsive Agent).
D’Nemo also serves the plant as a Defense Against Herbivores.
D’Nemo has also been Effective in Promoting Beneficial Nematodes and mycorrhiza in the soil which consequently improves the soil structure, micro-environment, nutritive movement and bioavailability of nutrients in the soil.
D’Nemo has properties of being an Anti-nodulation agent
Use D’Nemo in combination with Wholesom for a Sustained Control on Nematodes and Soil Borne Fungal Diseases Post Nematode Infections