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I-Surge is a Nutritive Formulation specially designed by IEC to augment a healthy life cycle of plants to compliment the enriched ecosystem established by IEC Technology. 

The key constituents of I-Surge are Mineral salts of Fe, Bo, Cu, Zn and Mn, with Humic acid, Phosphorus and Sulphur in aqueous chelating agents of organic origin, therefore, it also acts as a Nutritive Supplement and affects Nutrient Uptake.


  • I-Surge stimulates the roots and to actively assist in the uptake of nutrients proportional to the needs of the plant, in contrast to the uptake of whichever nutrient is surplus.
  • I-Surge Activates, Boosts and Guides the Local Beneficial Microorganisms in the Soil so as to not only improve plant performance but also positively affect soil performance and sustainability.
  • I-Surge has application in Growth Promotion.
  • I-Surge also improves Soil Borne Disease Management.