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Our Vision

IEC brings a creative modality into several fields of Technology, Agriculture, Waste Management, Ecosystem conservation and Livestock Sustainability. Through a meticulous integration and assimilation of Life-Sciences and Engineering, IEC has been able to come up with creative and sustainable solutions to the emerging problems of this world. IEC aims to bring in stable solutions  that can stand the test of time in its goals of Sustainably Designed Products, Processes and Strategies to bring more harmony between nature and Humanity. 

The Mission Statement

The Mission Statement

Our endeavour is to provide an inclusive model of 'Sustainable Rural Economies'.

Our technologies are capable to create synergy between Agriculture, Waste Management, Water Management etc to provide Sustainable development of the world. It can be achieved through following business models:

  • Enhancing soil fertility organically
  • Weed control through soil treatment
  • Rejuvenate tradition seed bank
  • Minimizing nutrition addition organically
  • Promoting health management, instead of pest management
  • Miniature 'waste-to-energy' models for rural activities

Our Journey - Green box note

Our suite of products ranges from GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe by WHO) microbe in liquid form to edible grade non-toxic chemicals to enhance the efficacy of an ecology. Majority of our products are ‘Certified Organic Input’ by ‘ECOCERT’.

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